linden keyboardorchester

alex hofmann (circuit bent yamaha pss470, supercollider, saxophone).
kostia rapoport (circuit bent yamaha pss380, sampler).

„the linden keyboardorchester contains many many musicians which are all playing the keyboard, so we are still looking for members. if you want to join the linden keyboardorchester, you have to bring your talent. the only important thing you should have is a keyboard. […] one important thing is that your keyboard should have a speaker so that if you turn it on, one should hear the sound. this is important because we play outside, like a marching band. especially near the limmer. this is the most beautiful place in niedersachsen. it is located in linden. so: join the linden keyboardorchester.“ (text: a. hofmann)

live @ sprengel museum hannover. recorded on june, 9th 2007.
ménage à trois
loin les yeux
pompe à érection
celui qui vit ses rêves
d'où mon regard
drumsolo I

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